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Are you just surviving, instead of thriving?

Are you struggling with long term health issues that you haven’t yet been able to improve?

Ongoing digestive issues / needing IBS support

Ongoing tiredness or fatigue

Difficulty losing weight

Medically unexplained symptoms

Have you been told you are pre-diabetic and need to change your lifestyle, but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to optimise your nutrition and general health?

What I offer

A different approach

Holistic and tailored support for chronic conditions, using a functional medicine approach

Dr Rebecca is a medical doctor with 4 years NHS hospital experience, a registered associate nutritionist and a certified health coach

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Online consultations

One hour initial consultations allowing for in depth analysis of your medical history and life event timeline

Dr Rebecca takes the time to listen to all of your concerns, paying additional attention to nutrition, environment, trauma, and toxins

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Personalised healthcare

Evidence based integrative nutritinal medicine focusing on optimising health holistically

Dr Rebecca adopts an individualised approach to chronic health issues, addressing root causes, rather than simply managing the symptoms

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*Dr Rebecca is a qualified medical doctor registered with the GMC. She predominantly assists people experiencing functional digestive disorders (including IBS support), weight issues, and prediabetes. She does not prescribe pharmaceutical medications, instead using a combination of lifestyle medicine, nutrition advice, supplementation where required, and patient-focused health coaching techniques. Treatments provided do not substitute for medical advice or replace the care of your General Practitioner, Practice Nurse or Hospital Specialist.

Dr Rebecca Healey

As a medical doctor and nutritionist, I understand how you might be feeling. Having experienced previous health challenges, I know how health can slip into a steady decline, how debilitating this can become, and how it seems that ‘nothing can be done’ to help using mainstream medicine. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Using an integrative approach, I combine my background as an NHS hospital doctor with further training in nutrition, functional medicine and complementary medicine, to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.

I predominantly work with patients experiencing digestive problems including those requiring IBS support. I also support patients with fatigue, weight issues, hormone/stress related symptoms, and those requiring nutritional support for type 2 diabetes / prediabetes, alongside GP management.

I am based in Cheshire, near Liverpool and Manchester, but see patients from all over the UK via online consultations.

How can I help you?

Digestive Problems

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Stress & Hormones

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Immune System

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When I first visited Rebecca’s clinic I was suffering with a condition that my GP and hospital consultant were struggling to offer a remedy route. I completed six separate sessions with Rebecca and can’t recommend highly enough the help and advice I received. Rebecca is a goldmine of knowledge and completely generous in sharing this, my health is in a completely different place since my sessions and new understanding of health and well being issues has already made a big change to my day to day life.


Having previously worked as a GP, I understand well the shortcomings of a conventional biomedical approach. Rebecca has all the background knowledge of a medical doctor but utilises a more holistic approach. Her advice is tailored to take into account your own personal sociocultural circumstances. I found her therapeutic approach to be empowering as she gives you strategies you can use that can help boost your immunity and give your body the best chance to recover. Rebecca is also immensely kind, non judgemental and empathetic. I would highly recommend her. 


From start to finish Rebecca made me feel extremely comfortable discussing my issues and helping to put together a personalised programme for myself. At first things seemed rellay overwhelming but I felt confident and reassured by Rebecca’s knowledge and experience that there would be some light at the end of the tunnel. All my meetings and test results were always thoroughly explained and after each one I felt more and more confident and healthy after following the diet/ lifestyle regime. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone, and can now happily say I have control over my symptoms and understand my triggers.


Thank you very much for the care provided over the last 3 months. I now feel equipped to make better food choices for my health. I am very grateful for finding out the cause of my symptoms and happy to have noticed an improvement in my bloating. Thank you for answering my questions in a timely manner and the numerous recipes. 


Rebecca’s care and attention during every session made me feel at ease and in safe hands.


The benefits I received from my treatments made life liveable and changed my rather doubting attitude to the alternative approach to medicine to one of real belief. I have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca to anyone who needs help achieving a way back to a full life that encompasses a wider and more natural approach as possible.


Rebecca is clearly very knowledgeable on her subjects and their wider health implications. I have visited her for, in the main, nutritional and lifestyle advice following an illness. She talks logically and straight-forwardly explains matters. She is highly supportive, caring by nature and understands the reality of life versus the ideal scenario. Her proposals are therefore balanced. Well worth a visit – even if you already like fish, nuts and don’t drink much!


It is difficult to find the time to focus on nutrition, when we are leading busy lives with so many distractions. Having a health coach enabled me to focus on what my health priorities were and gave me an alternative perspective on things. The sessions gave to renewed enthusiasm for cooking and baking, which I did not expect to happen. I have also started to prepare simple meals in the week and Rebecca helped me find healthy food that I would enjoy. Rebecca is a very good listener and was both encouraging and non-judgmental. She appreciates the challenges of everyday life and made suggestions that I could easily incorporate in a busy working week.


I’ve booked my next sessions already!


Book a complimentary call to discuss your health issues. Our chat will allow me to confirm if I am the right person to help you, and provide you with some preliminary advice.


Meditation for stress management

Meditation for stress management

As humans, we encounter different forms of stress on a daily basis. How we choose to handle them can determine our long-term physical and emotional wellbeing.

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