What I offer

Functional Medicine: I use a functional medicine approach to treatment, which means paying close attention to root causes, not just symptoms. It means acknowledging the role of genetics, past traumas/ life experiences, stress, toxins, and environment.

Medical Background: My medical training and experience as an NHS Hospital doctor ensures I have full understanding of the implications of your ongoing conditions and am able to advise on potential nutrient/ supplement and medication interactions.

Nutrition: I have a Masters degree in nutrition and keep up to date with the latest developments in nutritional medicine research. This enables me to fully analyse your current nutritional status and advise on adjustments.


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Book a complimentary call now to discuss your health issues. Our chat will allow me to confirm if I am the right person to help you, and provide you with some preliminary advice. 

Your first consultation

Your first online video consultation with Dr Rebecca will last approximately 60 minutes. It will include:

  • Medical and lifestyle history assessment
  • In depth review of current symptoms and health timeline
  • Review of current medications and evaluation of any potential nutrient interactions
  • Recommendations on further clinical tests where necessary
  • Recommendations on complementary therapies where necessary

Following your consultation, you will be sent a bespoke functional medicine report and treatment plan, including advice on nutrition and supplementation where necessary. Tailored lifestyle medicine resources will be included.

Functional Medicine Programmes

By the time our bodies begin to show signs of poor health, the underlying causes may have been there for a long time.  Sometimes, maybe even years. To fully assess your current health, set goals, consider clinical testing and work through implementing a functional medicine and nutrition plan, we will need to work together over a period of time. Therefore, for optimum results, programmes facilitate tailored and focused support that is best delivered over a period of three months.

Programmes start from £550, depending on your current status and what you want to achieve.

All programmes include:

  • 60 minute functional medicine consultation, comprising detailed medical symptom / health concerns review, medical history, lifestyle, environment, and setting of health and wellness goals.
  • Regular 60 minute follow up video / phone health coaching, to help you implement the recommendations, support new food choices and healthy habits
  • Review of current medications and evaluation of any potential nutrient interactions
  • Nutritional analysis 
  • Supplement guidance
  • Healthy eating shopping list
  • Personalised food plan plus recipes
  • Lifestyle medicine resources
  • Review of any test results previously completed
  • Recommendations on further clinical tests where necessary plus interpretation of results*
  • Bespoke comprehensive functional medicine plan*

* Your Programme is intended to complement, not replace, the care of your general practitioner, hospital specialist, or specialist nurse. It is advised that all reports and recommendations received during your programme are shared with your current healthcare providers.

12 week restorative functional medicine programmes


Suitable for those who want to improve their health markers naturally with a tailored nutrition and lifestyle medicine programme.

  • 60 minute initial functional medicine consultation
  • Monthly health coaching sessions
  • Bespoke written lifestyle medicine plan
  • Nutritional analysis & recommendations
  • Monthly health & wellness e-guides
  • Monthly tailored recipe ideas


For those with moderate ongoing health concerns. Comprehensive review including functional testing recommendations where nesessary.

  • 60 minute initial functional medicine consultation
  • Fortnightly follow up health coaching sessions
  • Bespoke written functional medicine plan
  • Nutritional analysis & recommendations
  • Advice on supplementation where necessary
  • Fortnightly functional medicine resources
  • Fortnightly tailored recipe ideas
  • Fortnightly support via email


Advanced level of care and support. Suitable for those experiencing chronic illness (eg chronic fatigue/chronic pain), or more severe ongoing symptoms.

  • 60 minute initial functional medicine consultation
  • Weekly follow up health coaching consultations
  • Bespoke written functional medicine plan
  • Nutritional analysis & recommendations
  • Advice on supplementation where necessary
  • Weekly functional medicine resources
  • Weekly tailored recipe ideas
  • Weekly ongoing support via email / app

What to expect after booking

  • Receive and complete pre-consultation paperwork. To give me a more detailed picture of your overall health and background you will receive a detailed health history questionnaire, which can be completed online via our secure intake system.
  • Receive invite to book your first video consultation
  • Your first consultation will be 60 minutes long, during which we will discuss your current concerns, medical and lifestyle history, previous test results, and medications.
  • Following your consultation (within 48 hours), you will be sent a comprehensive personalised wellness protocol, including testing recommendations, advice on nutrition, stress management, exercise and sleep, plus supplements/ medications if necessary.
  • You will receive all the resources you need in order to get going, such as food plans, recipe ideas, exercise suggestions, motivational tools, tailored functional medicine factsheets.
  • You will be given access to an online health and lifestyle journal, which allows you to log your day to day progress and symptoms.
  • You will then receive regular follow up video / phone sessions with Dr Rebecca, to keep you on track and monitor progress
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