What I offer

Functional Medicine: I use a functional medicine approach, which means paying close attention to root causes, as well as symptoms – acknowledging the role of nutrition, genetics, life experiences, stress, toxins, and environment.

Medical Background: My medical training and experience as an NHS Hospital doctor ensures I have full understanding of the implications of your ongoing conditions and am able to advise on potential nutrient/ supplement and medication interactions.

Nutrition: I have a Masters degree in nutrition and keep up to date with the latest developments in nutritional medicine research. This enables me to fully analyse your current nutritional status and advise on adjustments.


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Book an enquiry call to discuss your health issues. Our chat will allow me to confirm if I am the right person to help you, and provide you with some preliminary advice. 

Consultations with Dr Rebecca

You can choose to book either an initial consultation with follow up as needed, or a 12 week inclusive wellness programme with varying levels of support.

Initial Consultation

One hour video consultation, plus:

  • Symptom review and health timeline
  • Functional testing recommendations
  • Advice on nutrition and supplementation
  • Advice on exercise & stress management
  • Bespoke functional medicine report
Online consultation
Wellness Programmes

Online programmes allow you the flexibility and security of ongoing support throughout. Programmes include: 

Nutrition Analysis
Focused Nutrition Analysis


  • Understand your current dietary intake versus requirements
  • Assessment of protein, carbohydrate & fat intake
  • Assessment of phytonutrient intake
  • Comparison of vitamin & mineral intake to requirements
  • Assessment of essential fatty acids & fibre intake
  • Assessment of glycaemic load & sugar intake
  • Personalised recommendations
Lifestyle medicine resources

Targeted resource pdfs, including:

  • Eating for your microbiome
  • Mindful & intuitive eating
  • Understanding food labels
  • Phytonutrient spectrum
  • Understand your trigger foods


nutrition resources
Online support
Online support

Easy access to all your resources at your fingertips:

  • Access to resources app
  • Your bespoke functional medicine plan
  • Your nutrition & supplement recommendations
  • Personalised food plans & recipes
  • Tailored recommendations & tasks
  • Regular Q&A sessions
Tailored recipes & food plans

Recipes are delivered to your app and are tailored to your own food plan.  Each food plan is personalised according to need.  Plans are designed for support to optimise nutrition, in addition to medical management. Examples include:

  • Low FODMAP plan
  • Gluten free plan
  • Low carb plan 
  • Cardiovascular health plan 
  • Mitochondrial health plan  
Simple delicious recipes

What are the benefits of a programme?

By the time our bodies begin to show signs of poor health, the underlying causes may have been there for a long time.  Sometimes, maybe even years. To optimise the results you experience, programmes facilitate tailored and focused support delivered over a period of time.

All RJ Health & Wellbeing programmes include:

  • Advice on functional testing and interpretation, where necessary
  • Tailored food plans and recipes
  • Lifestyle medicine resources
  • Ongoing online support

* Your Programme is intended to complement, not replace, the care of your general practitioner, hospital specialist, or specialist nurse. It is advised that all reports and recommendations received during your programme are shared with your current healthcare providers.

Online wellness programmes designed for you


Ideal if you wish to improve your health markers naturally with a tailored nutrition and lifestyle medicine programme.

  • 3 Consultations to use within a twelve week window


If you have been struggling with ongoing health issues, but not experienced relief from via the medical route alone, this programme is recommended for you.

  • 6 Consultations to use within a twelve week window


Advanced level of support, with weekly consultations. Recommended for you if you are experiencing chronic illness or debilitating / complex ongoing symptoms.

  •  12 Consultations to use within a sixteen week window

What to expect after booking

  • Receive and complete pre-consultation health history questionnaire.
  • Receive invite to join & book your first video consultation.
  • Your first consultation will be 60 minutes long, during which we will discuss your current concerns, medical and lifestyle history, previous test results, and medications.
  • Following your consultation, you will be sent a comprehensive personalised wellness protocol, including functional testing recommendations, nutrition plan with recipes, lifestyle and supplementation recommendations.
  • You will be given access to an online health and lifestyle journal, which allows you to log your day to day progress and symptoms.
  • You will receive regular follow up video / phone sessions with Dr Rebecca, to keep you on track and monitor progress
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